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About Us

Yokdee Jewellery is a Singapore registered company. Founded in 2012.
We specialised in only "A" type Myanmar Jade. Our objective is bring to our audience the most natural of what Jadeite can be. With our passion for this precious stone, we work closely with experienced craft-mans to magically transform this precious stone into treasurable jewellery as heirlooms.
Currently, we have a store, located at the rustic and heart of Chinatown Complex. Many asked, what does Yokdee mean? Well, in thai and cantonese, Yok means Jade, and Dee means Good. Therefore, we only sell good jade. Whether or not you are an expert in jade, Yokdee guarantees that all our Jade are of "A" grade only.
We hope that we can help develop and build this passion for Jadeite in our future younger generations. This way we will together preserve this unique Chinese cultural.